Taste of India

Taste of India is one of the finest restaurants. The food, service and the ambience all are excellent and as a whole they make Taste of India a restaurant above other. After 19 years, Mr. Mohammed Bhatti has sold his Cedars Restaurant to new management and will be helping his son, Mohammed Arfan Bhatti, at his restaurant, Taste of India. Mohammed Arfan Bhatti has lot of experience in organizing weddings, parties, catering and special functions. Stop in and enjoy your favorite Indian and Mediterranean Dishes, freshly and lovingly prepared.

The white walls with decorative touches make this low-ceilinged restaurant fantastic which is situated at the University District. The food in Taste of India is of high quality. The menu is a Standard Indian menu with all the delicacies included. You will find authentic Indian food –rich curries, creamy masalas, vindaloos and everything that you dream in an Indian cuisine. Try out the famous chicken tikka masala, spinach nan, and the homemade mango pistachio ice cream. Both vegetarian and no-vegetarian dishes are served here. If you are a vegetarian, then you also have lots of option including famous Madras chili masala with crisp-cooked squash and peppers. You will find the best food of the area here at Taste of India.

The best thing that you get in the Taste of India is the service. Service is awesome here. You do not have to ask for anything. Waiter will offer you personalized service and will attend you before you raise a hand. The meal quantity is more and if you want a small meal then you better share it with someone else. Great food, great ambience and great service. Visit Taste of India today.